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Georgetown Texas

What is Hobby Farm 254

January 2018 : A homestead situated on 12 acres with a charming turn of the century farmhouse built in 1907.   Close proximity to the Historic Georgetown Square and a short 45 minute drive to Austin.  Future plans will in no doubt include horses, gardens, chickens, and visitors!  Stay tuned! 

Susan and David

Fast Forward to January 2020 :  We've built the barn (really it's an enormous garage) and I've retired from full time employment.  David is enjoying his promotion and is really excited about his dream garage.  I'm excited because David also built me a studio and dream office that enables me to work from home again and focus on my hobbies and personal goals.  We completed the horse area with covered stalls, paddock and riding ring.  It's a work in progress, but we've purchased bee hives and are learning how to be beekeepers.  We still have a lot to learn and I will focus on the bee yard in 2020.  The dogs, Turk and Caico rule the roost!  They've each survived rattle snake bites and have learned the basic property boundaries.  They no longer want to wander and explore outside their domain. 


So for 2020, I will work and play and focus on how to make Hobby Farm 254 a reality.  Hobby Farm 254 is the platform to share my passions in agriculture and livestock with our community through workshops and more.    

Stay tuned...  We're excited about what 2020 will bring!

In The Press

The Dream - The Journey

We're calling it Hobby Farm 254 because it is our hobby, this little farm.  We will plant and till and build a barn.  We'll raise our animals and give what we can back to our community.  This wonderful perfectly situated 12 acres is more than just a place.  It's a place to experience!    

Located on CR 254 in Georgetown.  

This is exactly what I've dreamed for. My Destiny - and My Legacy. I've always known THIS is the place I need to be.  What I've worked so hard for and what I've always known would be.  I am about to embark on the lifelong dream of having some "space" to share with my precious horses and all the animals and people who cross my path and enjoy the experiences and blessings of this magical and one of a kind place.  Who knows what God has in store for us and our future here.  His grace and blessings will be received with gratitude and with an open heart and mind. 




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